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Australian Financial & Mortgage Solutions prides itself on providing you with a cost-effective refinancing solution. If you feel like you’re getting a raw deal on your current home loan there is something you can do. Demand a better deal! Refinancing is simply the process of changing from your current home loan to a new one.

How to Refinance a Home Loan?

There are ‘n’ number of reasons you want to refinance your home loan like removing a person from your loan, reducing your debts, or planning to borrow money for further growth, and a refinance scheme will work wonders for you if you play it smartly.
Let’s understand how to refinance a home loan process works-

1. Analyse How home loan refinance offers Benefits you:

Make certain you get the idea of how a new home loan can benefit you to get rid of the current loan. This is the situation where you will know what’s better for you and how you can have the maximum benefit of refinancing. Few individuals refinance just because they want a low-interest rate and they wish to stop paying the extra charges, that’s their call.
But for your planning, make certain you analyse things. However, it depends on loan to loan that there are some hidden charges under the leaving process of the current home loan and it could include things like deduction charges.

2. Compare Refinancing Offers to secure a better interest rate:

If you wish to switch your home loan, be sure to prefer a reasonable interest rate, processing fee, and disclosure fee so that it may not hamper you in the future. After getting details from the banks that impress you, select a bank that serves best for your case. You can also check out the redraw facility or offset account to ensure things are turned in your way.

3. Examine your Repayment

It’s crucial to know about one’s repayment behaviour and all banks usually do this pretty smoothly. Make sure you have developed the habits of repaying the loan installments on time and you are a pro at it. If you do so, this will not become an issue when you are changing home loans.

4. Refinancing Mortage Application

Without applying for a remortgage, you cannot take away the loan and that’s why it requires applying for it. When you apply for a mortgage refinance, your lender or bank will take an understanding of your earnings and properties to which he can disburse the loan amount. If your earnings are regular or you want to take the loan on a property, then you are eligible for a home loan and he will pass your application on to the last step.

5. Loan Settlement

Once the loan contract is made and the money is disbursed in your account, you require to pay off the EMI for your new home loan and documents will be needed to refinance your home loan. It’s the time your lender will get the document formality complete to close your old home loan. Settling up your home loan is not an uphill task; it can only take a few steps with documents.

Apply for a Re-finance Mortage Today!

If you are among those who are looking for a refinance mortgage option because of some reasons pointed above, give us a call today and we will help you throughout the process.

Refinance Your Home Loan

Credible Home Refinancing

Home loans are oftentimes the biggest investments most people make in their life. Every so often, it happens that you may want to refinance your home loan. We’ve streamlined the process here at Australian Financial & Mortgage Solutions. Start your application by filling out the form on our website or by requesting a callback.

We’ll set an appointment to get the ball rolling. In addition, you’ll be sent a list of documents to bring so we can review them during the meeting. Once your dossier has received the green light we’ll take care of liaising with all the stakeholders involved in the financial chain. It usually takes a few weeks for the loan to be approved and settled.

When you’ve been approved and the new home loan has been approved you will get a call from us so you can finalise, accept, and sign the loan contract. Our hassle-free process means that you can sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Why Choose Us

Our Team is Highly Experienced

Our highly experienced team has been helping people refinance for decades collectively. Explore how the numbers work by talking to our qualified team. Discover the best and most competitive refinance rates in Sydney.

We Have A Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach ensures that your financial needs are always foremost in our dealings. We’re committed to helping you get your financial life in order. This is done through our tailored personal service.

Flexible Refinance Options

When refinancing, having a series of options is always welcome. Our flexible refinance solutions allow you to negotiate better rates and more favourable terms. We can help you find a package that’s ideal for you.


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