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Australian Financial & Mortgage Solutions can make house hunting easier by helping you with a pre-approval. Apply for a home loan pre-approval and know your upper borrowing limits. Why should you consider getting conditional approval? Know where you stand in terms of borrowing power. Make offers on the homes you like with confidence.

Applying For Pre-Approval For Your Home Loan

Get An Idea Of How Much You Can Afford To Borrow

Pre-approval often called “conditional approval” or “approval in principle” is an excellent way to have a lender analyse your financial state and let you know how much you can safely borrow for your intended new home.

Getting pre-approval is not a time consuming endeavour. The benefits are numerous with the leading advantage being that it will give you a better understanding of your borrowing power. Pre-approval will help you work within a budget, know what the bank can lend you, and realtors will see how serious you are when making an offer on a property.

How long is the pre-approval valid for? In most cases, so long as your financial situation doesn’t change dramatically, the pre-approval is valid for up to 90 days and can be extended. In order to get started with a pre-approval application, there is a dossier you’re expected to furnish and submit. Get in touch with us for a full list of requirements.

Why Choose Us

Wide Range of Pre-Approval Options

Do you know that you can get pre-approval, conditional approval, and unconditional approval? What does this mean? If you don’t quite meet the full set of requirements you’re not automatically declined a home loan. Your case can be reviewed and certain conditions attached that will need to be met if you are to get a full pre-approval.

We Offer Pre-Approval To Citizens & PR Holders

Whether you’re a citizen currently living in the country, an expat thinking of investing back home in Australia, or a permanent resident of Australia, we offer pre-approval so long as you meet the necessary requirements.

Get A Long-Lasting Pre-Approval

Looking to purchase a property within a year? Our pre-approval typically last 90 days provided that your financial situation remains the same. The pre-approval may also be extended so long as your monetary situation doesn’t change.


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